sentienceReposed [SR]



He/She/They (Nonbinary)
Fuchsiablood (#92184A)

> Bio

- Early Life

- Pre-current

- Current

> Personality

Vienyt is described as incredibly infulential among the general population. But influential doesn't always mean good, especially in his case. Before they died, Vienyt was known as an envious, power-hungry person who covered up with the idea of helping and being a leader. They did both in a strange, convoluted way, as most highbloods do. It's unsure if there was ever any good intention behind what she wanted out of this, but what they do know is that leading up to her death, she stopped being so public.

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> Positive and Negative traits

Negative Traits

Positive Traits

> Relationships

Evryin Nought

The descendant they'll never meet. He put a plan in place, and he's had this plan for sweeps. Not the death, the plan for what Evryin would do with their life as they grew older and took her place.

? Rowsee

Her dearly beloved moirail. Both are gone, not much is known about what they had but they were public.

Cinali Dregel


Lutzsy Nikelo