Lutzsy Nikelo

abstractedAttention [AA]



102.8 (257 yrs) sweeps
Violetblood (#770A75)
No ending punctuation, capitalizes start letter and names, not "i"
Prefixes with ♥, suffixes with ~
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> Bio

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- Current

> Personality

Lutzsy doesn't take her job seriously, unlike the other sins. She's been really 'chill' about everything, doesn't seem to understand some of the weight their position holds. Not outright cruel but they have always shown a lack of care for practically everything. More of a 'going with the flow' type of thing, but not in the sense of freedom. In the sense that she doesn't care what happens to others.

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> Positive and Negative traits

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> Relationships

Evryin Nought

Vienyt and Evryin weren't close by any means, but compared to the other sins, they were definitely closer. She always listened to Evryin's rants about whatever Cinali or the others made him do, and she'd just kinda nod along and agree. Didn't play much part in Evryin's life though, tried to stay out of it.

Vienyt Nought

They got along, were friends, but, again, weren't very close. It wasn't too shocking to her when he died though.

Cinali Dregel

She doesn't particularly like Cinali, they think she's too uptight and bossy. She thinks shes annoying and need to relax.